Straight Talk about Terrorism

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Автор: Шнайер Брюс,
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Американский криптограф, доктор в области компьютерных наук и популярный автор книг по ИБ. Основатель криптографической компании Counterpane Internet Security. Ранее работал на Министерство обороны США.

Nice essay that lists ten "truths" about terrorism:

  1. We can't keep the bad guys out.
  2. Besides, the threat is already inside.
  3. More surveillance won't get rid of terrorism, either.
  4. Defeating the Islamic State won't make terrorism go away.
  5. Terrorism still remains a relatively minor threat, statistically speaking.
  6. But don't relax too much, because things will probably get worse before they get better.
  7. Meanwhile, poorly planned Western actions can make things still worse.
  8. Terrorism is a problem to be managed.
  9. To do this, however, we need to move beyond the political posturing that characterizes most public debates about counterterrorism and instead speak honestly about the costs and benefits of different approaches.
  10. We need to stop rewarding terrorism.

Nothing here will be news to regular readers of this blog.

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