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Попался мне интересный вопрос о повышении осведомленности персонала. Привожу его здесь вместе с объяснением.

The MOST effective way to ensure network users are aware of their responsibilities to comply with an organization's security requirements is:

A. messages displayed at every logon.

B. periodic security-related e-mail messages.

C. an Intranet web site for information security.

D. circulating the information security policy.

Answer: A


Logon banners would appear every time the user logs on, and the user would be required to read and agree to the same before using the resources. Also, as the message is conveyed in writing and appears consistently, it can be easily enforceable in any organization. Security-related e-mail messages are frequently considered as "Spam" by network users and do not, by themselves, ensure that the user agrees to comply with security requirements. The existence of an Intranet web site does not force users to access it and read the information. Circulating the information security policy atone does not confirm that an individual user has read, understood and agreed to comply with its requirements unless it is associated with formal acknowledgment, such as a user's signature of acceptance.

И предлагаю соответствующую реализацию для Windows. Впрочем, где-то мне уже попадалась похожая идея, поэтому я не претендую на изобретение велосипеда.

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