45-ый выпуск журнала (IN)SECURE

Аватар пользователя al.bondarenko
Автор: Бондаренко Александр, R-Vision
Вышел в свет очередной выпуск журнала (IN)SECURE. Содержимое номера:
  • How do we ensure the Security of Things in light of the Internet of Threats ? 
  • Security and compliance: A balancing act of inequalities
  • Which kind of security professional are you?
  • The derived credential: delivering digital security to a mobile world
  • Declaring personal data bankruptcy and the cost of privacy
  • Total threat protection: Myth and reality
  • DevOps vs security: Can Docker make a difference?
  • Best practices for securing PoS systems
  • Challenges faced by global network professionals
  • Who are the role models in cyberspace?
  • Tackling today's authentication complexities
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